3 strategies to normalize and promote mental health within any community

Growing up, my generation never heard anything related with emotions. My teachers and family created a constrained productivity bubble where happiness was the only possible show.

Real hacks for online education from the ancient greek masters.

Online education is hard. Specially if you’ve been thrown into it after years of teaching on-site in an educational system designed to work as such. Nevertheless, online education is our new reality. …

Since childhood we learn mistakes are the worst. You get scored poorly, you get scolded, you fail. This also applies to sports and arts. Even socially, you get signaled, they make fun of you. Failing is definitely not something to look forward to.

They teach us to be ashamed of…

We’ve been talking about the importance of giving our students something to yearn for, and how it might be the most important thing we should do as teachers.

Igniting curiosity in your students will ultimately let you evolve from a presenter to a facilitator, fueling their curiosity even further.

How can we prompt curiosity?


videogame interface with platforms and rewards

Patience, curiosity, unending energy. Everything I envy from the relationship between my students and their videogames.

How do they do it? How can I do it? I can see at least 3 clear differences between the traditional education tools and the land of coins and cherries.


Videogames greet us with

I’ve been working with teenagers for over 5 years now. Accepting their attention divides between my content, Fortnite, and the latest Instagram Filter is just a fact of life. When I thought I had it figured out, pandemic happened.

In this new setting something is clear.

Nadia Michelle

+7 years experience on education industry. Marketing, academia, customer success, instructional design and e-learning development and management.

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